Bio Skin by Sterex

Skin by Sterex

Don’t like your wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, on the cheeks, around the lips and the naso labial fold?

Don’t like the idea of having a foreign substance (e.g. botox or dermal filler) injected into your skin?

Try our new “natural” alternative anti ageing treatment to Botox and fillers

Bio Skin Jetting and Bio Skin Smoothing

It relies upon the body’s metabolism to re-generate collagen and elastin to plump out lines and wrinkles which appear when loss of collagen occurs.

The concept was introduced just over 10 years ago in the UK by Sterex. Bio Skin Jetting is a natural treatment for wrinkles and is perfect for many small skin imperfections in the skin. Used in combination with the radio frequency Bio Skin Smoothing machine both atrophic and hypertrophic wrinkles scars and imperfections can be treated.

The treatment is suitable for lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, on the cheeks, around the lips and the naso labial fold. The procedure activates the dermis beneath the line/wrinkle with a fine probe. Post treatment this looks like a light scratch for a few days whilst the healing process takes place – this can be hidden by applying a camouflage cream. It is during the healing process that collagen is generated – results can be very immediate, but for deeper lines further treatment may be required. Procedures are undertaken following application of anaesthetic cream. Treatment times vary from 15 minutes up to an hour depending on the frequency and extent of the condition. Normally a course of treatment involves 3 to 5 sessions of 30/45 minutes – depending on the extent of the lines/wrinkles. The effects can last up to 12 months (usually longer than any injectable treatment) thereafter a 12 monthly “top up” is usual.

Immediately following the very first treatment the wrinkle or blemish is visibly less deep. Because the skin is responsible itself for the formation of collagen, results are long lasting and natural. The skin directly underneath the wrinkle is stimulated into forming new tissue containing regenerated collagen and elastin fibres which plump the area and reduce the appearance of the wrinkle or scar.

Bio Skin Jetting – is used for lines & wrinkles where collagen is still active.

Bio Skin Smoothing – is used on deeper lines & wrinkles where collagen can no longer regenerate and can be used in conjunction with Bio Skin Jetting to keep collagen production “ticking over”.

It is clearly important to differentiate between the two and apply the appropriate procedure. Currently the appeal of this natural treatment is not as widely understood as Botox/collagen mainly due to the specialised nature of the treatment and the limited number of trained practitioners who can offer the procedure. Essentials senior beauty therapist – Nina Munday – has undergone training to provide this natural alternative treatment.

The main benefit it has over its competitors’ is that the treatment is so very precise and can treat the smallest of areas specifically targeting the area directly under the wrinkle leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

The biological age of your skin is reduced and the length of time results remain in place depend upon lifestyle and heredity. Negative influences include: sunbathing, smoking, alcohol abuse, stress, a poor quality or harsh skin care range and a shortage of vitamins. A short post treatment top up can be carried out if the problem returns and to ensure results are long lasting.