Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Would you like affordable PAINFREE “laser” hair removal?

Essentials is the first salon in St. Neots to introduce:
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal WITH Radio Frequency (RF)


Beauty clinics use intense pulse light (IPL) machines to treat a range of cosmetic conditions such as the removal of unwanted hair, improve skin tone and texture, and reduce age spots. The basis of an IPL machine is to emit a very small amplitude wavelength light through a crystal sapphire head.

The light penetrates deep into the skin’s inner layer, reaching unwanted structures, such as hair follicles – the light energy is attracted and absorbed by the pigment (Melanin) in the hair, heating the follicle and causing irreversible damage. No more hair growth!


In the past, IPL machines could only successfully treat fair skinned people with dark hair. However if you had dark skin, there was a risk of the IPL light energy heating the skin around the hair and causing a burn. On the other scale, if you had very light hair e.g. Blonde – you needed higher IPL light energy pulse to have “half a chance” of being absorbed by the lighter pigment in blonde hair. Higher the energy used, more the risk of burning your skin! And any form of “burning” meant pain! In order to reduce the risk of burning, one had to use less IPL light energy, but that meant that less energy would be absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle; which may not be enough to cause irreversible damage. So hair would still grow!


So the basis for permanent hair reduction is to cause irreversible damage of the hair follicle by heating it, but not burning the surrounding tissues – this is achieved by the introduction of RADIO FREQUENCY (RF). RF is not attracted to melanin of the hair follicle.

Energy from the IPL light pulse acts as a guide for the RF energy. So it is possible to keep the IPL energy low and have higher RF energy which is easily absorbed by the pre-warmed hair follicle. This will avoid the heating side effects and discomfort sometimes experienced with IPL alone. This also means that we can treat extremely dark skin with no bad side effects (such as burning or hyper-pigmentation) and effectively treat Grey, Blonde, and light fluffy hair. So IPL with RF treatment is suitable for almost all skin and hair colours, from very light to very dark

An additional effect is that Radio Frequency (RF) stimulates the water molecules of the dermis. When the temperature reaches 68-72 degrees it stimulates the dermis layer to immediately contract and stimulate the collagen and elastin fibres. The collagen then shrinks, lifting and tightening the skin – resulting in hair free, toned and younger looking skin!