Male Waxing

Male Waxing

Hair doesn’t discriminate … unwanted body hair is something that affects both men and women.

While in the past waxing has been thought of as a practice for women to remove unwanted hair, in today’s world it is extremely common for men to turn to waxing as well. There is no more stigma or reason for embarrassment, men everywhere are heading to the salon to let a professional remove the hair for them.

At Essentials, our experienced therapists will be able to wax every part of the male body – nose, ears, eyebrows, back, chest, arms and legs. Nina is also trained by Andy Rouillard from Axiom Bodyworks in the waxing of the male intimate areas – she is able to provide a painfree male brazilian wax.

Who is doing it?

Men who are athletic, workout or bodybuild turn to waxing in order to enhance their muscle definition. Swimmers and runners remove their hair in hopes to reduce skin irritation from friction or to shed minutes of their time. Men who simply don’t want hair on their body turn to waxing to gain more self-confidence, no matter what the reason, the truth is waxing has become just as popular for men as it is for women because it’s the best hair removal method around.

Benefits of Waxing

Traditionally, men spent time every day to shave off unwanted hair but now that waxing has become a widely accepted option for men they have realised that shaving is a waste of time. Shaving increases the chance of painful ingrown hairs and only lasts for a few days. Some even notice hair growing back that same day! Shaving simply cuts the hair off at the tip rather than removing the entire hair follicle. Waxing will give you weeks of hair freedom, allowing you to cut time off your morning routine.