You name it – we nail it!

Every salon does Normal Nails and applies a well known brand of nail polish e.g. Orly and OPI - so do we, here at Essentials.

However we at Essentials believe that normal nails are a thing of the past! Nowadays everyone dreams of something spectacular on their nails! So at Essentials we have the latest trends and techniques that make your nails look even better!!

So Essentials is offering the below mentioned "Gold Standard" on all it's manicures and Pedicures, aswell as offering following 4 popular trend setting choices:

Essentials “Gold” Standard!

Our normal manicures and pedicures are second to none! We believe in setting high standards and are the only salon in St. Neots to give the following as standard, as we feel that you deserve the best:

  • DERMALOGICA products for pedicures.

  • HOT MITS for all manicures.

  • NAILTIQUES conditioning treatment for all nails.

  • ORLY nail polish

So don’t settle for second best, get the best – whether it be a normal manicure/pedicure or one of our latest nail techniques.