Imagine ... The first sun of spring on your skin ... Diving into a crystal clear lake after a long car trip ... A cold shower on a sizzling summer’s day ... A breeze you feel, lying in the park, with your eyes closed ... A power nap between two 3-hour meetings ... A song that lifts you up ... A friend that tells you to come in ... Relax, and do absolutely nothing! Refreshing ... Re-energizing ... Re-everything ... Imagine all of this ... lying down and getting a healthy tan at the same time ... Re-Charge yourself using our Ultrasun Magnum Q6 Horizontal Lie Down Sun-Bed

The market leader in high powered horizontal lie down sunbed technology, our Ultrasun Q6 Magnum tanning tubes ensuring a deep, even, all over tan.

Using only the most up to date EU regulated 0.3 tanning tubes, our tanning bed is state of the art and conform to the very latest safe tanning specifications and regulations.

We also have a large selection of hydrating and moisturising tan accelerator creams to further enhance your tanning experience.

Treatments are available in 3, 6 or 9 minute intervals and in courses of 30, 60 & 90 minutes.

Responsible Tanning

When the summer rolls out for the year we tend to have a smile on our face and that is no big surprise. A little sunshine every day boosts our mood and helps us to prevent a host of serious illnesses. According to many scientific studies that have been performed, there are strong indications that a little sunshine has more benefits for you and your body than you probably know.

Therefore, ten of the most important benefits will be explained in the downloadable link on the side >>>> in order to inform you that responsible tanning definitely can contribute to our health. But when is tanning healthy and when not? Well, responsible tanning is the best way to maximize the potential benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the potential risks of either too much or too little exposure.

The term ‘responsible tanning’ means something different for every one of us, because not every person has the same skin type. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that responsible tanning has one golden rule: Don’t EVER sunburn!

ENGLAND AND WALES - The law came into force on 8 April 2011. It is illegal to allow anyone under 18 to use a sunbed