Beauty clinics use intense pulse light (IPL) machines to treat a range of cosmetic conditions such as the removal of unwanted hair, improve skin tone and texture, and reduce age spots. The IPL machine emits very small amplitude wavelength light through a crystal sapphire head. The light penetrates deep into the skin reaching all the way to the inner layer (known as the subcutaneous layer or hypodermis). This deep penetration provides a mechanism for reaching unwanted structures within the skin, such as hair follicles, clogged glands (causing acne), veins, and pigmentation. The colour of the structures (such as the red in veins, or pigmentation in hair or freckles) attracts and absorbs light of different wavelengths depending on the colour. Our machine is specially designed to have a variety of settings depending on what we are targeting, providing a safe and specific way of reaching only the structures that are considered problematic.


With the addition of Radio Frequency (RF) we can now effectively treat Grey, Blonde, and light fluffy hair.RF is not attracted to melanin i.e. melanin of the hair follicle or melanin of the skin. IPL is a light guide for the RF so we can keep the IPL low and absorb more RF energy. This will avoid the side effects and discomfort sometimes experienced with IPL alone. Which also means we can treat extremely dark skin with no bad side effects (such as burning or hyper-pigmentation). For facelifting and body treatments, Radio Frequency (RF) stimulates the water molecules of the dermis. When the temperature reaches 68-72 degrees it stimulates the dermis layer of collagen fibers, and they immediately contract and stimulate the collagen and elastin. The collagen then shrinks and the effect is the skin will lift and tighten.

Treatments available at Essentials using the latest Cosmedic IPL with RF machine: