Brazilian Blow Dry

Keraspa Intense Keratin Blow Dry Treatment

KeraSpa Natural Care is oriented to the professional beauty industry of which clients require the ultimate in cosmetics. The KeraSpa Natural Care line introduces innovative high quality products, taking advantage of authentic Brazilian fruit extracts and their natural benefits. NEW technology FORMALDEHYDE FREE (0%) KeraSpa’s 0% formaldehyde formula straightens the hair not chemically but physically, using cysteine amino acids synergy.

Besides the numerous benefits of the Acai and Guarana fruit extracts plus Argan Oil, the KeraSpa Natural Care smoothing system is rich in keratin, proteins, polyquaternium and amino acids. This new combination regenerates and restructures the hair; therefore restores moisture, softness, brightness, vitality with a natural lasting smooth and silky effect.

The 3 Stage KeraSpa Intense hair smoothing system uses a new technology, Matrix Plus, a complex of amino acids cysteins that releases proteins sequentially. It reduces up to 90% curls, volume and removes all the frizz. Matrix Plus combines the benefits of babassu oil, wheat germ oil, carob and vitamin E to improve the moisture of the hair leaving it smoother, stronger, healthier and shinier. Results may last up to 5 months after treatment.

Kerspa Intense 3 stages to beautiful hair!