Manicures / Pedicures

Manicures and Pedicures

In our stunning beauty salon environment at Essentials Hair and Beauty Salon in St. Neots, we provide Manicures and Pedicures for your hands and feet. Not only will our highly skilled beauticians make your hands and feet look good, but you will feel relaxed too!

Paraffin Wax: We provide a Manicure OR Pedicure with Paraffin Wax for relaxed hands and feet.

Simple Paint and Shape: If you are pressed for time, you can have a simple paint and shape, to give your hands or feet that perfect flawless look. You can also add Shellac Polish, either to hands or feet, for the ultimate maintenance free finish lasting for 14 days.

Treat Friends & Loved Ones: Why not treat yourself and a friend to our dedicated double side-by-side pedicure foot spa area, and the dedicated triple side-by-side manicure area. Chat away with your friend, while our experienced therapist your hands or feet.

What are the main benefits of manicure / pedicure?

  • A wonderful way to pamper yourself as it is a deeply relaxing beauty treatment

  • Helps reduce ageing of the skin on the hands/feet.

  • Helps reduce wrinkling of the skin on hands/feet.

  • Helps stop many nail disorders like splits, scratches, fragile tips, etc.

  • Helps give you naturally strong nails.

  • The combined effect is that your hands and feet feel and look beautiful.

Essentials “Gold” Standard!

Our normal manicures and pedicures are second to none! We believe in setting high standards and are the only salon in St. Neots to give the following as standard, as we feel that you deserve the best:

  • DERMALOGICA products for pedicures.

  • HOT MITS for all manicures.

  • NAILTIQUES conditioning treatment for all nails.

  • ORLY nail polish

So don’t settle for second best, get the best – whether it be a normal manicure/pedicure or one of our latest nail techniques.