Callus Peel

Callus Peel

As we age the biological function keeping our skin moist decreases and the skin dries out.

As the skin dries out calluses form on the heel where pressure has hardened the skin.

If the callus is too thick or there is a presence of a corn – we advise you to see our Podiatrist first: >>Click Here<<

If the callus is minor then try our Callus Peel treatment – affectionately know as an “orange peel” treatment – a simple 4-step non abrasive treatment for better feeling feet.

What is “Callus Peel”?

Fast effective professional way to get the perfect looking feet: Callus Peel “peels” hard skin just like orange peel. This 20 minute four step system includes:

  • a skin softening patch is wrapped around the bottom of foot to soften the skin,

  • a special scraper is then used to peel off the dead skin callus,

  • followed by polishing the remaining keratin,

  • treatment is finally completed by applying moisturizing cream.

FAQ's on Callus Peel

1How long does the treatment take?
It takes only 20 minutes – 15 for the patching and 5 for the treatment. Though for extra hard skin, the therapist may decide to leave the patch on for longer – upto 30 minutes.
2How often do people use Callus Peel? How about the regular treatment cycle?
Callus Peel is to be applied on dry feet – so this is to be done before a pedicure. We recommend applying Callus Peel treatment in every two weeks However, the cycle might be changeable depending on the calluses condition.
3Is it safe?
Yes it is certainly is. Callus Peel uses cosmetic and almost natural products only. The scraper is made from plastic for scraping of calluses – so there is no worry of cutting your skin.
4Is it hygenic?
Yes, it is hygienic due to the following reasons:
  • Callus Peel Skin Softener (sachets) are individual packaged.
  • Callus Peel Scraper can be sterilized.
  • Callus Peel File has disposable/replaceable pads.
5What are in the ingredients?
Water, Glycerin, Nonoxynol–12, Carbomer, Ethenol, Sodium Hydroxide, Tataric Acid, Pyroglatamic Acid, Ethoxy Diglycol. Don’t be alarmed, we use AHA’s on our face!
6Does it hurt?
No it doesn’t hurt at all! In fact it feels like you are receiving a reflexology treatment. It may hurt a bit if you have open cuts on your skin.