Epil Pro

Epil Pro

Epil-Pro eradicates unwanted hair by sound!

Epil-pro and is a revolutionary, progressive permanent hair removal system based on safe sound energy to remove your unwanted hair from your face or body. It is more effective and a lot safer and less painful than conventional electrolysis or laser treatment.

At last a real hair removal system designed for both men and women. Just think, no more plucking or shaving those unwanted hairs anymore, get your unwanted hair permanently treated instead!

‘Epil’ means epilation – the removal of hair; and ‘Pro’ simply means professional.


Epli-pro uses sound waves & static energy to destroy hair at its root, thereby ensuring a safe, painless, fast & permanent result. It’s a welcome relief for thousands of men or women who suffer from unwanted hair.


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Sound waves are transmitted down the hair shaft, disintegrating the papillary cells at the base of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Each hair is removed in a fraction of a second.
This treatment enables large areas to be treated. It also enables a wider range of sensitive areas to be treated on both men and women including the nose, ears, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, legs, chest, smooth moles etc.

You will be delighted to hear that there is absolutely NO risk of Epil-Pro causing burning, scabbing, scarring, pigmentation or pitting.

Epil-pro requires a course of treatments, over which the hair becomes progressively weaker until the re-growth ceases almost completely.


Epil-Pro lotion is an essential part of the after care! It should be used twice daily for four days after the treatment. In case of dry skin, the Epil-Pro lotion should be used for 2 days prior to treatment. Avoid products that may dry the skin such as glycolics, tea tree, witch hazel or surgical spirit.

Epil-Pro is the superior alternative to conventional electrolysis and has the following advantages….

  • Truly non-invasive

  • Pain Free

  • No burning, no pigmentation

  • No pitting, no scarring

  • No trauma to the skin

  • Safe on diabetics

  • Client friendly

  • No hit or miss

  • Any colour hair can be treated

  • No “needles” used – great for those people that are needle phobic!



Uses electric currents which generates heat or cause a chemical reaction.

Real risk of scabbing or permanently scarring the skin.

Very painful – stinging & burning sensation.

Thin area of hair because adjacent hair cannot be treated.

Slow – each hair has to be held for between 1 & 60 seconds.

Fixed weekly appointments required between treatments.

Make-up cannot be applied for up to 24 hours after treatment due to redness or soreness of the skin.


Uses static electric and sound waves – no heat or chemical production.

Non invasive – no risk of damaging the skin tissue & very safe.

Almost painless – no stinging or burning.

Complete clearance of an area in one treatment.

Instantaneous – no holding period observed for each hair.

Flexible time intervals between treatments.

Make-up can be worn 10mins after treatment – no redness or soreness to the skin.